ML.TC, The flexible URL-Shortener

ML.TC is a simple to use and flexible URL-Shortener.
It's completeley free and doesn't have any ads.
You can either have your custom shortlink in the end (like
or have it in the front as a subdomain (like
We also fully support https for all shortlinks. You can also get password protected access to extensive statistics for your shortlink.

Enter a new URL to shorten

Even if you do not set a password, you will stay logged in on this device and browser for a month unless you delete your cookies or browser data.

If you are logged in, you can also access your stats with your account, either trough the stats link or the user area.

To access the stats, just add a + at the end of your shortlink (must be in the format).

By clicking on shorten you accept for us to set a cookie in order to save the logins to the stats.