ML.TC is a simple to use and flexible URL-Shortener. It's completeley free and doesn't have any ads. You can either have your custom shortlink in the end (like or have it in the front as a subdomain (like We also fully support https for all shortlinks. You can also get password protected access to extensive statistics for your shortlink.

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To access the stats, just add a + at the end of your shortlink (must be in the format).

By clicking on shorten you accept for us to set a cookie in order to save the logins to the stats.

You also accept that you take full responsibilty for every action you carry out trough our service, you are responsible for your shortlinks and liable for any damage or cost resulting from them. You are not premitted to use this service for any activity illegal under your local or the Swiss jurisdiction, as well as the jurisdiction of your target audience. We reserve the right to remove or change your link as well as remove your ownership of it if we percieve it to be harmful or otherwise unfit for use on our site. If you percieve our judgement to be wrong, please contact us by E-Mail.


Report System

ML.TC now has a new site where you can report suspicous or dangerous shortlinks, which will then be reviewed by our team. You can find it here.

New Website

ML.TC now has a new, more modern website with everything in one place.

ML.TC Account system, the flexible, easy to use and free URL Shorter now has a new account system which allows you to easily edit short links and view their statistics. You can sign up here.

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